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Highlighting the Real People in the DACA Stories

AILA member Christopher Kerosky shares an update on the MyAmericanDreams Film Project and asks for help reaching out to stations who can show the documentary which informs viewers about the importance of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and its impact on people’s lives.

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Dispelling Four Myths about the H-1B Visa

In this blog post, AILA Member Sweta Khandelwal addresses and dispels four myths about the H-1B visa program, writing “We need a better system, one that responds to actual supply and demand and acknowledges the fierce global competition for talent.”

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Immigration 2017 – A New President and Congress

Immigration 2017

Visit this resource page to stay on top of the changing immigration environment under the Trump administration.

Immigration Quicktakes

AILA Quicktake #240: Omnibus Bill Passed

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