And the DREAMers Dream On

AILA member Vaman Kidambi highlights the limbo that DREAMers are still stuck in and urges immigration attorneys to advocate for fairer and more humane immigration laws and policies, writing that immigrants bring “a rich diversity of culture, identity and togetherness” that benefits us all.

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DACA: Failure is Not an Option!

AILA Past President Victor Nieblas Pradis highlights the contributions DACA recipients have made over the last 11 years since the program’s inception and why Congress cannot and must not fail to take action and protect them permanently.

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Legislation to Protect Dreamers is Vital

AILA member Paúl A. Pirela shares insights about his work for the AILA Law Journal article he authored on the history of DACA and DREAM litigation as well as the legislation which has sadly languished for decades now and means young people brought to the U.S. as children can still face deportation.

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Nine Years Later…DACA is Not Enough

Mo Goldman shares the example of his client to explain that DACA isn’t enough and Congress needs to act because “A year from now, we should not be celebrating the ten-year anniversary of DACA” but instead “the first months of a path to citizenship for these deserving individuals.”

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A “Wish List” on Immigration

The Lady Immigration Lawyers of Minnesota celebrated the season with their own rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You” this year and shared some of their wishes in this blog post for Think Immigration.

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