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Who Creates American Jobs?

In response to rumored plans by the administration to tighten nonimmigrant visas, AILA member Doug Penn shares the impact one of his clients has had creating American jobs while in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa and why the administration should not block these job creators from the U.S.

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Litigation Works for Clients

AILA Past President Chuck Kuck highlights the H-1B class action litigation and renews the call for plaintiffs, noting “The only way to stop USCIS from continuing to rewrite immigration law through RFE and denial is to challenge them boldly, fiercely, and publicly in the federal courts.”

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When the World is on Fire, Exceptions Should be the Rule

AILA member Amy Myers shares why USCIS should proactively address non-immigrants’ (such as students on OPT) concerns about falling out of status, writing “When we are already in a recognized crisis situation, why should discretionary post-situational relief be the only available remedy?”

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Take Action

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AILA Quicktake #289 - Presidential Proclamation Blocks Entry of Certain Immigrants and Nonimmigrants

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