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A Peek Inside the Spring 2023 Edition of the AILA Law Journal

AILA Law Journal Editor-in-Chief Cyrus Mehta gives a look inside the Spring 2023 edition with articles from leading experts and next-generation leaders, writing that “Immigration law’s complexities and nuances mean many of us as practitioners feel like we are on the cutting edge every day.”

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Free and Freeing: AILA’s Law Student Membership

AILA member Marisabel Alonso encourages all current law students interested in immigration law to take advantage of the many benefits of AILA’s free law student membership and how those benefits can help them during law school and beyond as they become practitioners.

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Federal Litigation as a Tool to Fight Unjust L-1 Denials

AILA member Dominique Pando Bucci describes unreasonable denials of L-1s and why one denial of an L-1 intracompany transferee petition filed on behalf of a small business led her to file and win her first federal litigation case.

I recently took on, and won, a federal court case challenging an unjust L-1 denial. As I immersed myself in the case, I researched what was happening to L-1s across the board, and everything I learned made me all the more resolved to fight for my client. I encourage my colleagues to follow suit.

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AILA Quicktake #316 – FY2024 H-1B Registration Numbers Highlight the Need for Change

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