Asylum & Protection

The Serious Flaw in the Biden Administration’s New Border Asylum Adjudication System

In this blog post, three AILA law professor members dive into the impact of rushed timelines as the Biden administration attempts to streamline the asylum process at the border, but which may make it impossible for asylum seekers to provide corroborating evidence of persecution within the deadlines.

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Helping Afghan Evacuees Takes Persistence

AILA member Jennifer Atkinson describes the way people came together to help one family from Afghanistan after a six-year-old boy was shot and injured at the airport during the evacuations last year; his family recently safely arrived in the U.S. and his story shows how important passing the Afghan Adjustment Act truly is.

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Immigration 2017 – A New President and Congress

Immigration 2017

Visit this resource page to stay on top of the changing immigration environment under the Trump administration.

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