Asylum & Protection

Tearing Down the Wall and Building Bridges

This blog post is adapted from the president’s installation speech given by Anastasia Tonello, June 14, 2018 in San Francisco; she shares her message to AILA members and goals for her presidential year.

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Taking the Battle for Humane Treatment of Detainees from Dilley to Colorado

As she shares details about the complaint filed demanding the government address the inhumane conditions and inadequate medical assistance at the Aurora facility, Immigration Justice Campaign National Advocacy Counsel Katie Shepherd urges readers to take action and help vulnerable detainees.

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Hope for Moms in Detention

Karen Lucas, Director of the Immigration Justice Campaign reflects on the challenges faced by mothers in detention and how the actions of volunteers can lift their spirits from despair to hope, with something as simple as a card like those written by Columbia University students recently.

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill Heard from AILA Loud and Clear, but there is More to Do!

AILA Associate Director of Government Relations Diane Rish reflects on AILA’s National Day of Action and shares how AILA members and the public can continue making their voices heard on important immigration law and policy issues that matter to them.

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When Fear Is Just the Beginning

AILA member Ruben Reyes shares how the AILA community came together to try and determine if specific inquiries from USCIS were local or national in scope, writing “National trends are often revealed when local experts start talking and comparing notes. These days, doing so is even more important.”

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Immigration 2017 – A New President and Congress

Immigration 2017

Visit this resource page to stay on top of the changing immigration environment under the Trump administration.

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