Author: Ruben Luis Reyes

When Fear Is Just the Beginning

AILA member Ruben Reyes shares how the AILA community came together to try and determine if specific inquiries from USCIS were local or national in scope, writing “National trends are often revealed when local experts start talking and comparing notes. These days, doing so is even more important.”

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Dollars and Sense

SB1070 made my state of Arizona about as unwelcoming as you’d imagine for a then-young Latino guy like me. I can recall being called an “illegal” in an aisle of a Home Depot by an old woman who was surprised that I spoke English, and that I called her out, asking her who she was to be calling me an illegal. I was angry and I remember being frustrated that this was going to be, for some time, a reality I was going to have to deal with. I personally experienced the ugliness that percolated up into the public...

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AILA Quicktake #241: Additional H-2B Visas for Fiscal Year 2018

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