Author: Benjamin Johnson

Living Courage

AILA Executive Director Ben Johnson reflects on 2017, highlighting the courage of Dreamers and the work of AILA members as inspirations for 2018 when he’ll “be looking to all of you to be fearless, steadfast, and courageous. Because next year and every year, #AILAStandsWithImmigrants.”

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On Immigration, It’s Time to Start Listening to Each Other

When it comes to civil dialogue, we are living in a low moment in our nation’s history. Honest debates that yield real solutions to our common problems seem like a quaint notion—and that disturbs me. As the executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, an organization of 15,000 immigration attorneys, I can tell you that every day, we feel the pressure of serving as advocates that stand between immigrants anxiously waiting to begin a new chapter in their lives and a federal government which can seem indifferent at best and punitive at worst. Nevertheless, we do the work...

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Deal or No Deal: Where Does DACA Stand?

If you’re like me, you may be feeling some whiplash in terms of where things stand regarding a legislative fix for Dreamers, young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. Between the multiple bills that have been introduced or are about to be introduced, conflicting statements (and tweets!) from the administration and members of Congress, and news that breaks on the hour, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed and confused. And let’s face it, it’s complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Right now, at this moment, here’s what I believe: Reaching across the aisle to...

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New Name, New Look, New Content – This Blog’s for You!

Welcome to Think Immigration, the new blog from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Here you’ll find insightful commentary from legal experts – the folks who see firsthand every single day what immigration law and policy mean to our nation. They see the good, the bad, and the ugly, and this blog will allow us to highlight in a new way the unique perspectives and incredibly valuable information and analysis that AILA and our 15,000 members can offer. We believe that immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present and future. We also know that immigration law...

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The H-1B Visa Program: The Dial-up Connection to the High-speed Wireless World

There are far too many moments when the dysfunction of our outdated immigration system becomes crystal clear. One of those moments occurred this week when U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it had received a record number of H-1B visa petitions during the five-day filing window for the coming fiscal year. Because our immigration laws are now more than a generation old, our system is simply not equipped for today’s reality – the H-1B program is like a dial-up connection in a high-speed wireless world. A recent report shows that the presence of high-skilled immigrants improves...

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