Author: Sheila Starkey Hahn

Helping DACA Recipients Renew

In this blog post, Sheila Starkey Hahn, chair of AILA’s National Pro Bono Committee, highlights how helping with DACA renewal clinics and advocating for the Dream Act can change lives, writing “Let’s show everyone again that #AILAStandsWithDreamers.”

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Take Action to Combat the Crisis in Post-Release Representation

Since July 2014, when the Obama Administration began detaining women and children crossing the southern border at a makeshift detention center in Artesia, New Mexico, more than 35,000 women and children from the Northern Triangle have been processed at detention centers near the southern border of the United States. The vast majority have been released to pursue their asylum claims after a positive credible fear finding and either payment of a bond or release with supervision (an ankle monitor and/or periodic check-ins with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)). Free from prison, these mothers and children have already demonstrated that...

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Take Action

Take Action

AILA’s Advocacy Action Center allows you to advocate for legislative and policy reforms consistent with AILA’s principles and priorities.

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Immigration Quicktakes

AILA Quicktake #241: Additional H-2B Visas for Fiscal Year 2018

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