Author: Annaluisa Padilla

Say It with Me: It Is Not Illegal to Seek Asylum

Reading this recent Reuters article, from the headline to the end, I’m not sure what offends me most. Is it the Trump Administration’s concerted effort to scare people away from seeking safety in the U.S.? That’s pretty disgusting. Is it the fact that those threats only work if people believe our government would deprive them of the due process promised by our country’s founding principles? Maybe. But, I think what really gets me is the repeated use of the term “illegal” when it comes to families fleeing to the U.S. and seeking refuge under our asylum laws. It is...

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The American People Have Elected the 45th President

We, the American people, have elected our 45th president. Today, as we all go on with our daily routines, a new era is beginning. Today we must search deep within and find a renewed commitment to our nation, to unity, and to the belief in the wisdom of our founding fathers who established our nation and our system of governance in the name of freedom and democracy. Though the political debate surrounding immigration has always been contentious, the presidential campaign revealed a divisive and ugly rhetoric unbefitting our country. As a woman, an immigrant, a former asylee, an immigration...

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What is Donald Trump’s Position on Immigration?

Why do we ask?  And why particularly of Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton?  While the devil is always in the details, it is clear that Secretary Clinton has a more favorable view of immigration and has laid out a fairly clear strategy for how she would reform the current system. But the question of what Mr. Trump would prioritize on immigration, should he be elected to hold the highest office in our nation, remains unclear.  First he called for massive, yet “humane” and “nice” deportation of the estimated 11+ million undocumented individuals in this country.  He has also...

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“Apurar, cielos, pretendo, Por qué me tratáis así, qué delito cometí contra vosotros naciendo. Aunque si nací, ya entiendo qué delito he cometido; bastante causa ha tenido vuestra justicia y rigor, Pues el delito mayor del hombre es haber nacido.” ~ by Pedro Calderón de la Barca Outrage is the only word that comes to mind to describe the Obama Administration’s recent admission that they are aggressively pursuing enforcement against families and children. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has launched a 30-day “surge” of arrests focused on mothers and children who have been ordered removed by an immigration judge. It was also reported that the operation would cover minors who have entered the country without a guardian and since turned 18 years of age. I am outraged the administration continues its flawed assertion that aggressively deporting these young children and mothers will serve as a deterrent for future migration from people facing similar situations. How does forcing a woman or a child to return to an abusive relationship deter them from fleeing? How does sending children to extremely violent neighborhoods deter them from escaping? How difficult is it to understand that when death is at your door, nothing will keep you from running away and seeking refuge, because anything is better than to sit waiting for death to come through the door and tear you and your loved ones...

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